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Lawchek® and Lawsonline™, are pleased to provide "LAWCHEK® Real Estate" for free.  This includes: a glossary of common real estate terms, Q & A to the most commonly asked real estate legal questions, example legal forms and blank legal forms.

This reference should answer basic questions.  The questions recited on these pages are the more commonly asked questions of attorneys when a client first makes contact for the purpose of a better understanding of real estate legal matters.  This is not a substitute for legal advice.  It is never recommended that an individual undertake his or her own representation in such matters as real estate law, even though most states do permit such activity.  Any individual who is serious about proper real estate transactions would want to have capable legal assistance.  An attorney must be consulted.

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LAWCHEK® Real Estate


Real Estate Glossary

Real Estate Q & A

Example Legal Forms

Blank Legal Forms


More Sample Legal Questions & Forms

  These samples are ".PDF" files.  You must have a plug-in called Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Sample Legal Questions

Discipline Sample
Criminal What does forfeiture mean?
Contracts What is legal age?
Corporation What is the historical development?
Education Must a school employee report child abuse?
Landlord/Tenant Holdover Tenants
Landlord/Tenant Landlord Obligations


Sample Legal Forms
Discipline Sample
Contracts Employment Agreement
Criminal Seizure of Property Warrant
Domestic Lawsuit in a Domestic Case
Education Reporting Injuries at School
Landlord/Tenant Apartment Leasing Contract
Landlord/Tenant Notice to Quit a Lease
Landlord/Tenant Notice to Repair Premises

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Home . Auto . Medical . School . Banking . Credit Bureau .
Business . Shopping . Federal . State . Insurance . Personal

The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, and can be filled in and printed on-line. 

Text - The text version can be downloaded, then opened in your word processor, where you can edit it to suit your specific needs.

Click here for instructions on downloading and using these files.


Home               «back

Bill Adjustment PDF Text
Property Line Dispute PDF Text
Delivery Date PDF Text
Home Repair PDF Text
City Zoning    PDF Text
Tax Assessment Challenge PDF Text
Power Line Location PDF Text
Road Maintenance PDF Text
Rubbish Removal PDF Text
Bus Schedules (Transportation) PDF Text


Medical                   «back
Request for Medical Records PDF Text
Bill Clarification PDF Text
Identity of Insurance Coverage PDF Text
Patient Waiver PDF Text
Pharmaceutical Update PDF Text
Nursing Care Report PDF Text
Nursing Home Services PDF Text
Transfer of Records PDF Text
Status Report PDF Text


Banking                «back
Correction of Account Error PDF Text
Request for Canceled Checks PDF Text
Check and/or Deposit Requisition PDF Text
Request for Canceled Notes PDF Text
Insurance Coverage PDF Text
Mortgage Loan Documents PDF Text
Credit Reporting PDF Text
Automatic Account Payments PDF Text
Request for Audit PDF Text
Request for Specific Meeting PDF Text


Business                     «back 
Complaint PDF Text
Estimate for Services PDF Text
Warranty Failure PDF Text
Refund for Overpayment PDF Text
Notice of Contract Repudiation PDF Text
Return of Merchandise PDF Text
Real Estate Property Dispute PDF Text
Membership Requirements PDF Text
Inquiry of Local Chapter PDF Text
Advertising Policy PDF Text


Federal                      «back 
Particular Government Program PDF Text
Administrative Procedural Matters PDF Text
Public Documents PDF Text
Personal Records PDF Text
Employment Information PDF Text
Statistical Information PDF Text
Request for Audience PDF Text
Promulgation of Rule PDF Text
Specific Forms PDF Text
Voter Registration List PDF Text
Filing Requirements PDF Text


Insurance                  «back 
General Loss PDF Text
Death Claim PDF Text
Property Damage Claim PDF Text
Premium Dispute PDF Text
Medical Pay PDF Text
Uninsured/Underinsured PDF Text
Conversion Rights PDF Text
Policy Requested PDF Text
Subrogation PDF Text
Casualty Loss PDF Text
Beneficiary Change PDF Text
Demand for Payment PDF Text
Document Request PDF Text

Auto                         «back  

Inquiry Regarding Title Transfer PDF Text
Challenge to Repair Bill PDF Text
VIN Verification PDF Text
Request for License Identification PDF Text
Inquiry of Accident Report PDF Text
Complaint to Manufacturer PDF Text
Demand for Evidence of Insurance Coverage PDF Text
Dealer Complaint-New Vehicle PDF Text
Dealer Complaint-Used Vehicle PDF Text
Vehicle Registration (License) PDF Text
Accident Investigation Report PDF Text

School                   «back  

Request for School Records PDF Text
School Standing PDF Text
Student Records PDF Text
School Amenities PDF Text
Request for Hearing PDF Text
Special Needs Request PDF Text
School Board Agenda PDF Text
Notice of Appeal PDF Text
Disciplinary Rule Request PDF Text
Request for Use of School Facilities PDF Text
Medical Excuse PDF Text
Parental Excuse-Absence PDF Text
Credit Bureau               «back 
Request for Credit Report PDF Text
Protest to Adverse Credit Rating PDF Text
Contested Billing Procedure PDF Text
Return of Merchandise PDF Text
Proposal for Scheduled Payment PDF Text
Request for Procedural Guidelines PDF Text
Request to Expunge Record PDF Text
Notice of Claim PDF Text
Acknowledgement of Payment PDF Text
Name Similarity PDF Text
Compromise Disputed Claim PDF Text
Request for Licensing Information PDF Text
Shopping                  «back
Catalog Order Request PDF Text
Pricing Policy PDF Text
Product Fulfillment PDF Text
Rebate Request PDF Text
Advertising Error PDF Text
Safety Standards PDF Text
General Product Complaint PDF Text
Sales to Minors Policy PDF Text
Personnel Dispute PDF Text
Merchandising Policy PDF Text
State                        «back  
Birth Certificate PDF Text
Death Certificate PDF Text
Filing of Official Documents PDF Text
Requested Information-Simple PDF Text
Requested Information-Detailed PDF Text
Requested Information PDF Text
Contested Case Complaint PDF Text
For Promulgation of Rule PDF Text
Vehicle Registration PDF Text
Accident Investigation PDF Text
Record Request PDF Text
Personal                      «back
Social Conference - acceptance PDF Text
Social Conference - regrets PDF Text
Congratulation PDF Text
Kind Words PDF Text
Sympathy PDF Text
Appointment/Promotion PDF Text
Meeting Confirmation PDF Text
Travel PDF Text
Request for Assistance PDF Text
Application PDF Text
Admission Recommendation PDF Text
Apology Statement/Retraction PDF Text
Invitation PDF Text


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