Company Policy Regarding Statistics:

Company policy dictates that we make available website “hit” statistics for our main website.  This represents an accumulative “hit” count for the entire site.  At this juncture, individual page “hit” statistics are not available.  It is our recommendation that if a client desires individual statistics of this nature, they should install “hit counters” on their website for tracking purposes.

Most websites post their “hit” statistics, but not their “visitor” count.  “Hits” to a website are actually determined by the number of times any given person clicks on any available link on the website.  “Visitor” counts are more selective and accurate in that they reflect the actual number of persons to a website as opposed to the number of times a person click on website links.

When evaluating web based products and determining their value, it is seldom a good idea to use “hit” statistics to justify their purchase.  “Hit” statistics do not offer an accurate representation of the benefit of a product due to the fact that some web based products offer services that are designed to assist via utilization of the site one time only.  As an example, our site offers over 10,000 free legal forms and documents that may be accessed, printed, and then reused as often as needed without ever accessing the site again.  Therefore, use of our product would not be accurately portrayed viewing “hit” counts.  A client could print as many forms as desired and continue throughout the year to benefit from the service of our site, however, this valuable utilization would only register as one “hit” to the site.

Thank you,