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"I researched a number of Internet listing service companies and Lawsonline™ stood head and shoulders above the rest. They were extremely helpful and professional in not only setting up our website but also maintaining it. They had the best price as well. I highly recommend Lawsonline™!" - Dave Stoll, Beaugureau, Zukowski & Hancock, PC

"Lawsonline™ is one of our favorite advertising sources.  The organization's representatives are professional, exceptionally accommodating and timely.  We have always experienced high quality customer service from each party that handles our Internet listing, and would recommend them to anyone!" - Michelle L. Rucks, Director of Operations, Kinnane & Associates, Ltd.  

“Thanks for the quick response. We have been getting business from this listing.”   –  Arden Process Services, Inc.

“I am a student who  needed  some  extra  help  in writing business letters.  I appreciate the 
free services you provide…Thank you.” – THOUGHTS Network

 “You  have  a  nice  site,  which  I use  often to  access  other  states’ laws.” – Wagner Law

“Two  weeks  ago  I  found  a link on your court reporters section for a product called I-Word.  I went  to  the  site  and  immediately  found  that   this  is  what  I  have  been  looking  for  (for)  months.  I never would have found it if it hadn’t been from visiting your site… It is an absolute  Godsend,  speeding  up my work by almost two hours a day.  Thanks for letting us know about it...Thanks again!!!” – David Reiko

“Thank you for your timely assistance and quality work –™ is a real asset.” - DGA DETECTIVES



“...LAWCHEK®’s design is clean...simple enough for use by our non-computer literate patrons...our reference desk personnel are pleased to have a single source to use...patrons returning with additional legal questions usually proceed directly to LAWCHEK® without asking for assistance from a reference desk person...”
- Bonnie Krueger, Librarian, Owatonna Public Library

“...LAWCHEK® is easy to use, therefore it requires minimal reference staff time to assist patrons with legal questions or needs...the out-of-state tax forms provide a valuable resource for our patrons, as well...”
- Trudie Buri, Deputy Director, Wissahickon Valley Public Library

“...being one of many librarians that has been involved with the evolution of LAWCHEK® since 1993, it is very gratifying to have a product that addresses many of the ALA’s legal reference needs...In producing three revisions since being made available to libraries in the summer of 1996, LAWCHEK® continues to respond to guidance from its library clients, thus fulfilling its pledge to be a client-driven product...” - Tom Armitage, Director, Cedar Rapids Public Library

“...Our legal questions are increasing, we appreciate having LAWCHEK®...the legal language is easy to understand...patrons use it without assistance from a staff member...LAWCHEK® provides the forms we need from all states, LAWCHEK® is user-friendly...we plan to renew...” - Mary Ann Fowler, Bus., Sci., & Tech., Richland County Public Library

“...LAWCHEK® is such a nice complement to our NY annotated statutes...our patrons love how easy it is to use...our librarians appreciate the time it saves them on simple legal questions...AND, it’s a bargain...” - Kim Bolan, Reference & Network Services, Brighton Memorial Library

“...our local county court likes the forms provided in the LAWCHEK® system; they send people to us for forms...LAWCHEK® is the best place to find the forms people need...” - Faith Line, Director, Sumter County Public Library

“...the forms are far superior to anything we have previously used.” - Annie Oldershaw, Computer Librarian, Irondequoit Public Library

“...LAWCHEK® is the easiest legal system to load and use of any we’ve found...the Letter Pro templates, with on-screen data entry capability, are a very unique and useful feature...” - Gail Staples, Reference Library, Cochise College Library

“...the convenience and variety of forms is most important for us…we also like the directories…LAWCHEK®’s material is much more comprehensive than other common language legal help systems…” - Ryan Alworth, Director, Kurth Memorial Library



"The most exciting thing about enlighten technologies™ is how the counties can use this technology to avoid having   to transport jail inmates.   The cost savings will be significant, and the public will be safer.  It just makes a lot of   sense." – ISAC Deputy Director, David Vestal

"I foresee enlighten technology™ to be a wave of the future.   I hope more counties and state agencies hook up to enlighten™, especially Mental Health and the courts.  This will save the Sheriffs many hours and miles of transportation.  This also gives us the opportunity to receive programs through the ICN, which will save Counties   again   on transportation and housing costs."      -     Buena    Vista     Sheriff, Chuck   Eddy

"We’d be interested in having all the courthouses in the district linked together, as well as with the jails."
6th Judicial
District of IA Court Administrator, Carroll Edmondson

“The fact that the systems may physically reside in a county office does not limit their use and eligibility to connect to the ICN for the use of other authorized users.  In particular, the judicial branch and the telemedicine users see other great opportunities for their use." -
Tony Crandell, ICN Senior Systems Development Engineer


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