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LAWCHEK® and Lawsonline™ are pleased to provide "LAWCHEK® Contracts" for our members and library patrons.  This includes: a glossary of common legal terms, Q&A to the most commonly asked contract questions, sample legal forms, and blank legal forms.

There is no doubt that a little knowledge in the wrong hands may be dangerous, especially if that knowledge is misused or misinterpreted.  That is why LAWCHEK® recommends that the reader contact a competent attorney.  Presently, the public has far too little knowledge at its' fingertips about the law and the legal community. This lack of knowledge has created many misconceptions about the law.  The design and purpose of this online sourcebook is to increase your knowledge and bring you to a better understanding of this legal subject matter.

The information contained in this sourcebook is basic, practical information.  LAWCHEK® wants the general public to be better informed about the law and recognizes, as LAWCHEK® is certain the reader does, that if you're going to do something, do it right.  This sourcebook is designed to take you to that first step so that you have a basic understanding before you confer with an attorney.  This will enable you to make a better choice as to which attorney you might select to represent you . This sourcebook will help you with a better understanding of legal processes.  Selecting a competent attorney who understands this legal discipline is part of doing it right.

This reference should answer basic questions.  The questions recited on these pages are the more commonly asked questions of attorneys when a client first makes contact for the purpose of a better understanding of legal matters.  This is not a substitute for legal advice.  It is never recommended that an individual undertake his or her own representation in such matters, even though most states do permit such activity.  Any individual who is serious about proper legal transactions would want to have capable legal assistance.  An attorney must be consulted.

"This work is protected under the copyright laws of the United States.  No reproduction, use, or disclosure of this work shall be 
permitted without the prior express written authorization of the copyright owner.  Copyright ©1994 - 2007 by LAWCHEK, LTD."

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